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2020 Graduates

FMBC is proud of you!



August 18, 2021- The FMBC College Scholarship forms are ready.  The forms should be completed and returned to the church on or

                                   before September 24, 2021.  Church mailing address FMBC  P O Box 6175 Gulfport MS  39506













                                                                            CHURCH RE-ENTRY


                                                                                   Plan of Actions

***Monitor CDC and local Report of Covid-19 data i.e. number of new cases in area of worship and

nationwide  to adjust guidelines as needed

Safety Actions Overview

•             Correctly and consistently wear a mask that completely covers your nose and mouth

•             Stay at least 6 feet away from others who do not live with you

•             Avoid crowds

•             Ensure indoor space of the facility is well ventilated

•             Stay home when you are sick

•             Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or use hand sanitizer

               containing at least 60% alcohol)                                                                                                                        

•             Get vaccinated when the vaccine is available to you

•             Get tested if you have signs or symptoms of COVID-19, or if you think you may have been

               exposed to someone with COVID-19

Promote social distancing at services and other gatherings, ensuring that clergy, staff, choir, volunteers

and attendees at the services follow social distancing, as circumstances and faith traditions allow,

to lessen their risk.

Those unable to be seated in the sanctuary (50 maximum, first come first served) may remain in

their cars in the parking lot. FM  radio station will be used for those individuals to hear the service. 

Service will also be streamed on Facebook and Zoom.

Modify the methods used to receive financial contributions. Consider a stationary collection box,

the main, or electronic methods of collection regular financial contributions instead of shared collection

trays or baskets.

•             Consider whether physical contact (e.g., shaking hands, hugging, or kissing) can be limited

               among members of the faith community.

Check for signs and symptoms

•             Encourage staff or congregants who are sick or who have had close contact with a person

               with COVID-19 to stay home. Share CDC’s criteria for staying home with staff and congregants

               so that they know how to care for themselves and others. Consider posting signs at entrances

               with this information. Send electronic text message